iCaughtU Pro FAQ

How I enable iCaughtU Pro?

First you need to set a passcode on the Device, go to Settings/General/Passcode Lock and set one.
Then go to Settings/iCaughtU and configure everything as you like.

I can't validate iCaughtU Pro

Make sure you have installed iCaughtU Pro correctly, go to Cydia and search iCaughtU Pro. Then press "Modify" and "Reinstall".

I am using AndroidLock XT and it is not taking pictures

In order to use iCaughtU Pro with AndroidLock XT, you need to set up "Max Attempts" inside AndroidLock XT. Please go to Settings/AndroirLock XT/Change Behaviour/Max Attempts and select one different from 0.

I have an iPhone 5S but Touch ID is not recognised as an attempt

Go to iCaughtU Pro/Wrong Passcode and enable "Count Attempts" inside Touch ID section.

I am using Stride and it is not taking pictures

Currently it is not supported but I am working with the developer to add support.

Pictures are taken, SMS sent, but I am not receiving any email, what is going on?

iCaughtU Pro since the version 2.1 has two options to send emails, from my server or using your own SMTP Email.
To switch this option, go to Settings/iCaughtU Pro/E-Mail and change the value of "Use Custom Email Service".

In order to use your won email, you need to configure it inside Settings/iCaughtU Pro/E-Mail/Mail Details and fill the fields. You can use any SMTP enabled email account, recommended are Hotmail and GMail. Here is how to configure them:
Settings for GMail
Host smtp.gmail.com
Username GMail Address
Email GMail Address
Secure YES
Password GMail password
Settings for Hotmail
Host smtp.live.com
Username Hotmal Address
Email Hotmal Address
Secure YES
Password Hotmail password
Settings for Yahoo
Host smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Username Yahoo Address
Email Yahoo Address
Secure YES
Password Yahoo password
Generic Settings for any SMTP Email
Username Username for the SMTP Email
Email Email Address
Secure Depends on your server
Password Password

Configured but still not receiving my emails?

If you are using GMail there are chances that you enables 2 step-verification process which makes iCaughtU impossible to send emails with normal password. But don't worry, there is a fix, go on the PC to GMail then go to Account/Security/Authorizing applications & sites and generate a new password for iCaughtU. You can follow Google tutorial: Tutorial.
If you are using Hotmail, make sure that the Test EMail can me best from Settings. If mail could be sent, you may have added a wrong mail receiver or mails are located in SPAM folder.

FakeMode is enabled but not working

If you have AndroidLock XT: Currently FakeMode doesnt work with it, but I am working on that.
Make sure your current SIM card is added to the "SIM List" or select "All SIM Cards" as "Allowed SIM Cards".

Remote Command: Alarm

To enable the alarm you need you send a messahe (iMessage/SMS) containing the commands inside.
To disable the alarm send again the message or go to iCaughtU Pro/Remote Commands and disable "Play Alarm".

Remote Command: Forward Messages

Make sure you have enabled correctly the command, you will receive a confirmation message when enabled.

My Device is sending my location or other info to random people

This is probably because you have configured a Remote Command as empty or a very common character combination (word, numbers, etc).
Make sure your commands are unique and they are not common words like names, short words (yes, no, sms, call, etc), etc.

Remote Commands are not working

Make sure you dont have BiteSMS installed, if you have it, please try disabling it.
If that doesnt help, please contact me at [email protected].

I am receiving emails from iCaughtU Pro every X minutes

Maybe you enabled the command "Report Every X Minutes", if that is the case, it may have been enabled by accident, to disable it go to iCaughtU Pro/Remote Commands and disable "Report Location".

Forgot iCaughtU Pro Settings passcode

Go to Cydia and download the package called "iFile".
Open it and browse to the location "/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/" then delete the file called "com.itaysoft.icaughtupro.plist".

My problem is not listed here

Please contact me at [email protected] and I will help you.